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UX UI Design suits Architects!

Dear fellow Architect:

If you are frustrated with your professional life, I understand you, I’ve been through that as well.

I know that Architects are vulnerable people, that cover that wound with arrogance and/or an insatiable search for perfection. If you get uncomfortable with these sentences, maybe something inside you resonates with them.

There’s a variety of different types of Architects, some of them are more arrogant, others more perfectionists, others live in fear, and just a very very few which I call the “Perfectly balanced Architects”, are always seeking simplicity, knowledge, and creativity, and they normally have this peaceful way of looking… most of them -not all of them- are heads of Architecture firms.

When I was working as an Architect, I started to see a pattern with my peers, who were living in fear, waiting for approval, having terrible health habits, and hoping to be the favorite in the office was something normal... When I discovered this collective mindset after working in Architecture firms I was disgusted! So I began preparing myself… by learning how to use Adobe programs by myself, asking my Graphic Designer friends how to send a file to print, and of course, thank you Youtube! During that time I was losing contact with architects, classmates, and even family, I was lost as a Professional… People lose faith easily in rebellious minds!

Of course, I didn’t know what I was anymore, if I just became a Graphic Designer or if I was still an Architect, I remember asking some teachers of mine that were doing other things like Industrial Design or Branding but no one was able to teach me the step 1 and 2 on how to find peace with this weird journey I was having… so I continued…

Rodrigo Sánchez helped me a lot in this process of mine, fighting to be more free and open, to say dumb things and make errors, because as an Architect I was not allowing myself to be wrong. A personal change was happening and I was still fighting to conserve my degree until I had an approach with watercolors… but that is another story.

Years have passed and I am now in Norway, I studied at CareerFoundry my specialization in UX and I understood everything I’d been through! And having an amazing mentor with my same background just felt very exciting!

So, Why UX Design suits Architects?

Because, we’ve studied, done as homework, and work is all about offering experiences to users/People! We research, we talk to people/clients, we work with user flows, we design, we collaborate with other professionals, we understand how engineers think and work, we deliver the final drawings/documents to execute the project, and work with prototypes not just 2D but 3D!

And the UI is just the cherry on top! for me as a pixel-perfect eye person, this specialization is for you! it is all about colors, typography, fonts, icons, hierarchy, presentation, and more!

So do not let anxiety consume you! there’s a path for you in the UX UI Design area, and most probably in many others. Yes, you will have doubts about it, yes, you will feel like you are losing time studying something new, yes to everything! But what I can share is that you’ll not only grow professionally but also personally by not having fear to speak your mind and be heard by an amazing community of interesting people that will not judge you about anything! Because empathy is first over judgment.

If your life resonates with mine we can always connect! Gracias/Thanks for stopping by!

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